How to Update Graphics Card Drivers NVIDIA AMD Intel?

How to Update Graphics Card Drivers NVIDIA AMD Intel?

The easiest way to install unsigned drivers is to use the Windows 10 Advanced Boot menu. To do that, press “Win + X,” navigate to “Shutdown” and then “Shift + Left Click” on the “Restart” option. After the driver gets installed successfully, hopefully, the Start Menu will start to function. If more than one display adapter is installed on your device, you should repeat the same process for each of them.

  • You can also check the device model in Device Manager.
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  • Contact the driver manufacturer for assistance with updating the driver.
  • CpuTscSync Needed for syncing TSC on some of Intel’s HEDT and server motherboards, without this macOS may be extremely slow or even unbootable.

Choose the correct version of your Windows operating system. Open the folder where the driver is located and open the [InstallStep.txt] file. I was also facing same type of problems and following this guideline my problem was resolved. Navigate to the folder where you have extracted the Asus Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders Driver and select the driver. Click on “Action” and choose “Add legacy hardware”. Did you get any Asus install disk or is there an Asus folder that has something labelled Install.

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Go to the Advanced tab and change the sample rate and bit depth to the highest possible on your system. Or else go the manufacturer website and install the latest driver. I noticed that there’s a RealTek device listed in Device Manager and a couple of ‘High Definition Audio Devices’ listed, too, so I disabled them . I downloaded the drivers from the Creative website and they are dated 2015.

This error can be caused by a corrupt driver, overdue updates, or improper connection. After your system successfully installs the newest Windows 10 update, you might be able to see the volume icon showing up properly and your audio functioning again. Allow Windows 10 to look for the newest driver on your local computer or online, then follow any on-screen instructions. Just like most Windows 10 errors, it’s quite hard to pinpoint only one source for your audio not working properly. However, we were able to collect some of the most this page common causes for this error, which may help you identify why you’re unable to hear any sound on your device. Sodiq has written thousands of tutorials, guides, and explainers over the past 3 years to help people solve problems relating to Android, iOS, and Windows devices.


You could try to update the driver using Windows Update or force Windows to search for new drivers in Device Manager. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work—you may need to install the device drivers manually on Windows instead. It is very necessary to update computer drivers in time for the purpose of ensuring the promotion of systematization and stability.

Getting started with Windows driver updates

Maybe the update you installed is corrupt, damaged or infected. You may use the system restore feature in Windows to restore your system. Always install software and drivers from a trusted source to avoid such issues.