Who We Serve

Your VPE membership classification depends upon your role in education.


All educators in public schools, college/universities, and private schools, including Teachers, Counselors, Administrators, Instructional Aides, Psychologists, and Therapists.

(Includes $2 million per Member Liability Insurance.)

$180/year or $15/month

Substitute / Part-time

Substitute Teachers and Part-time Educators.

(Includes $2 million per Member Liability Insurance.)

$90/year or $7.50/month


Includes Clerical/Office Support Staff, Bus Drivers, Food Service, Maintenance, and Nurses.

$90/year or $7.50/month

Student Teacher

Student-Teachers, performing their practicum requirements.

(Includes $2 million Student Teacher Liability Insurance. Liability coverage applies ONLY to student teaching and/or field experiences, not for any contract/paid position.)


Retired Educator

(Includes Professional Updates and Opportunity to Attend Local Events. Does not include liability coverage.)


Member Benefits

Member Benefits

$2 Million Per Member Educator Liability Insurance
Professional Help with All Employment Issues
A State-wide Network of Attorneys
A Voice on Education Issues, both at the General Assembly and with VDOE
Updates on Education Policy and Changes in Education Law
Teacher Scholarships and Classroom Mini-Grants Up to $500!

Focused on the Classroom and Helping You as an Educator