Professionalism and Protection, without the Politics!

Professional Educator Liability Insurance

All professional, support, and student members are covered by our professional educators’ liability protection.

This comprehensive insurance program covers claims and lawsuits against educators for acts or omissions arising out of the member’s activities in his or her professional capacity, such as:  bodily injury to students under his or her supervision, corporal punishment, violation of students’ civil rights, accusations of sexual or physical abuse, or other alleged wrongful acts.

The policy provides a full $2,000,000 of protection per member per incident. That is twice the coverage that most other education associations offer!

Professional Help with Employment Issues

VPE’s Professional Educators’ Policy also includes protection for employee rights: representation by a local attorney if you are threatened with termination, suspension, investigation, demotion, or other disciplinary action.

VPE’s Professional Liability Coverage guarantees up to $10,000 for legal expenses, if it is shown that your employment rights have been violated.  Of this, $1,000 is available up-front for legal consultation and local representation by an attorney, regardless of the outcome.  Covered actions include dismissal, tenure, salary, leave of absence, assignment, resignation, and other professional rights, duties, and responsibilities.  VPE can also provide additional legal resources at our expense.

We can also help you with a multitude of other employment issues and problems which can arise, even if you haven’t done anything wrong.  These issues can include problems with sick leave/medical leave, problems with an evaluation or improvement plan, misunderstandings that results in a letter of reprimand or warning, and many other similar circumstances.  VPE can help you understand your rights and help walk you through your options and choices in these situations.

Scholarships and Mini-Grants

VPE provides teacher scholarships and classroom mini-grants of up to $500 to our members for professional development and for class projects. These awards are competitive, but we are usually able to fund most of the requested projects. (We do give preference to members, but non-members are frequently funded as well.)

Teacher Scholarships

  • VPE focuses on professionalism and options for teachers! You can choose how to use this scholarship money to best advance your own professional career!
  • Teacher Scholarships may be used to help cover a wide variety of expenses: Tuition, books, classroom materials, conferences, workshops, registration fees, or travel expenses to professional development activities taking place over the next year.
  • A simple, straightforward application process: Each candidate submits a résumé and a short application explaining how these scholarship funds will help advance his or her own professional career. In keeping with VPE’s focus on “professionalism and children-first,” each applicant will also be asked to describe how this award will benefit the children in his or her classroom.

Classroom Mini-Grants

  • VPE wants to help you in the classroom! Classroom Mini-Grants can help pay for that class project that you’ve always wanted to try! (Or that item that never makes it in the department budget!)
  • VPE Mini-Grants can be used to pay for a wide variety of projects and materials: Supplies and materials, books, software, equipment, audio-visual, technology items, etc. You tell us what you need!
  • A simple application process: Each teacher submits a short application describing the proposed class project, an itemized budget, and the academic benefit for students. Because of VPE’s commitment to professionalism and to “teachers helping teachers,” each grant winner is also asked to share this classroom experience with other teachers after the project is over.
To receive an application for teacher scholarships or mini-grants, call us toll-free at 1-888-873-9661 or e-mail

Professional Development

VPE helps to provide support for several major professional development conferences in Virginia each year, including the highly regarded Teachers of Promise Institute, and the VATOY’s Network TLC Symposiums.

In addition, VPE members enjoy “choosing their own” professional development opportunities and conferences and having them funded by our Teacher Scholarship program (described above).

Education Policy Updates

Virginia Professional Educators helps keep you informed on major education policy changes that affect you, both in the classroom and in your on-going career.  VPE’s local and regional leaders often attend School Board meetings on your behalf, so you can be informed and aware of policy issues and changes taking place. VPE also maintains two full-time representatives working on your behalf at the General Assembly during the Legislative Session.

A Voice On Teacher Issues

Virginia Professional Educators gives you a powerful voice on education issues and an advocate when you need help.

We focus on the classroom and on helping teachers. VPE actively represents our members in employment situations when they need legal help and professional support. We also represent you in the General Assembly for public education funding and protecting your VRS benefits.