Who We Are

Virginia Professional Educators (VPE) is a nonprofit professional association of educators offering many of the same benefits that teacher unions provide — at a fraction of the cost. VPE rejects the negative tactics, partisan politics, and controversial agendas that are typical of most teacher unions.

Our Commitment

We provide all the professional assistance and legal protection you need, while ensuring that none of your money or our staff time is spent on partisan politics or controversial social issues. We honor educators’ personal values and respects educators’ rights to have different political opinions.

Member Benefits

We focus on the classroom and on helping you as a professional educator. VPE members benefit from liability insurance, legal assistance, professional help and development, updates on education policy and changes in education law, teacher scholarships and classroom mini-grants.

Join Us

Serving over 10,000 Virginia educators for two decades, VPE is an independent, non-union association of professionals who believe their organization should work for them. We serve any professional in the education sector, from teachers and counselors to administrators and support staff.

Professionalism and Protection without the Politics

Have you ever felt like this?

“I can’t afford to pay $50 to $60 every month in union dues – and I’m not pleased with the agenda of the teacher unions – but I need to join for the liability  insurance.”

Now, you can get liability insurance and legal help from an association that is truly non-partisan and that honors your values.

All professional, support, and student members are eligible for our professional liability protection plan. The policy provides $2,000,000 of protection per member per incident for only $15 a month!

This comprehensive insurance program covers claims against educators for acts or omissions arising out of the member’s activities in his or her professional capacity, such as: bodily injury to students under his or her supervision, corporal punishment, violation of students’ civil rights, accusations of sexual or physical abuse, or other alleged wrongful acts.