Frequently Asked Questions

About Virginia Professional Educators

Who can join the association?

VPE is open to all Virginia professionals in the education sector. Your VPE membership classification depends upon your role in education.

  • Professional members are all educators employed in public school systems, college/universities, and private schools, including Teachers, Counselors, Administrators, Instructional Aides, School Psychologists, and Therapists.
  • Support members include Clerical/Office Support Staff, Bus Drivers, Food Service, Maintenance, and Nurses.
  • Substitute/Part-Time members are Substitute Teachers and Part-time Educators.
  • Student Teacher members are current Student-Teachers, performing their practicum requirements. (Liability coverage applies ONLY to student teaching and/or field experiences, not for any contract/paid position.)
  • Retired members include all retired educators and support staff. (Includes Professional Updates and Opportunity to Attend Local Events. Does not include liability coverage.)

How much does membership cost?

  • A Professional Membership (includes $2 million per member liability insurance) costs $15 per month ($180 per year).
  • A Substitute Teacher / Part-Time Educator membership (includes $2 million per member liability insurance) costs $7.50 per month ($90 per year).
  • A Student Membership (includes $2 million student teaching insurance) costs $25 for one year.
  • Retired Educator and Associate Memberships (includes newsletter and basic member benefits) cost $25 for one year.

Typical union dues are about $45 to $50 per month! That’s about $500 per year! VPE gives you twice the coverage for about 1/3 the price!

About VPE’s Liability Insurance Policy

What are the available limits of liability coverage?

VPE membership includes $2,000,000 ($2 million) Professional Educator Liability Insurance per member.

The full $2,000,000 liability coverage (per member, per occurrence) also applies for Civil Rights lawsuits.

What's covered under this policy?

You are protected against a broad range of allegations and liabilities which could arise against you in the course of your professional responsibilities and duties. These include the following:

Note: All Areas (Coverages A-D) are included with professional membership.

  • Coverage A– Educators Professional Liability Insurance: $2 Million Coverage per Member per Incident
  • Coverage B – Attorney Fees for additional legal situations, including:
    • Defense Against Criminal Charges
    • Defense Against Job Action or Violation of Employment Rights (includes dismissal, tenure, salary, leave of absence, assignment, resignation, and other professional rights, duties, and responsibilities)
    • Defense of an Action Against Teaching Certificate (includes issuance, suspension, cancellation or revocation of teaching certificate)
    • Defense Against Allegations of a Civil Rights Violation
    • Defense Against Allegations of Sexual Misconduct
  • Coverage C – Bail Bonds
  • Coverage D – Assault-Related Personal Property Damage

Does the insurance company pay the attorneys?

Virginia Professional Educators pays your attorney fees, and then VPE is reimbursed by the insurance company. You should not have to pay any money from your own pocket for attorneys’ fees for any legal action covered by the policy, up to the limits of the insurance policy.

Does the policy cover complaints that may arise years after the incident?

Yes. This is an “occurrence” policy. You are covered, provided you were a member when the incident occurred.

How can I get more information about the insurance policy?

Download our insurance comparison and summary fact sheet for more details and key facts about VPE’s $2,000,000 per Member Educators Liability Insurance Policy and program.

If you still have questions or would like more information sent to you, then please call us at (888) 873-9661, or email us at: