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Thousands of teachers across America have decided to join a professional association rather than a teacher union. Over 325,000 educators nationwide in 27 states have joined non-union professional teacher associations like VPE!

As a Virginia educator, you can join thousands of other colleagues and teaching professionals who receive twice the legal protection and liability insurance that teacher unions provide - but at a fraction of the cost!


How much does membership cost?

Professional Membership
(includes $2 million per member liability insurance)

$15 per month
or $180 per year

Substitute Teacher / Part-Time Educator
(includes $2 million per member liability insurance)
$7.50 per month
or $90 per year

Student Membership
(includes $2 million student teaching insurance)


Retired Educator
(includes newsletter and basic member benefits)


Associate Member
(includes newsletter and basic member benefits)


Typical union dues are about $45 to $50 per month! That’s about $500 per year! VPE gives you twice the coverage for about 1/3 the price!

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Remember, VPE’s membership benefits can be invaluable - especially if you encounter legal, liability, or other job-related problems during the course of the school year. For a closer look at VPE’s legal and liability coverage, take a look at a summary of our insurance policy and its coverage areas (see below).
Or compare our policy coverage with the NEA/VEA policy (see link below).

VPE Insurance Summary:
Coverage Areas &
Limits of Liability
(PDF – 68 Kb)

Insurance Comparison:
VPE’s policy compared
to the typical
Teacher Union policy:
(PDF- 54 Kb)

As you can see, you get much more coverage with VPE, at about one-third the cost of teacher union dues! And you have the added peace of mind that none of your membership money is being spent on partisan politics or controversial social issues.


If you are like most of our members, your decision to join VPE is based on three things: Security & Protection, Cost Savings, and Personal Values.

Here are some comments about this from a few of our teachers and leaders:

"As a new teacher, I  looked at various sources of support for me as an individual.  I found only one organization interested in what I needed, not what they wanted -  a  number to be used in non-education related political battles. That group was VPE. I've been a happy member ever since."
- Bill Rhatican, Instructor, Northern Virginia Community College
  Retired Teacher, Fairfax County Public Schools

"Virginia Professional Educators represents the heart and soul of great teachers — professionalism and a focus on children first. This is refreshingly simple. Teachers are looking for an organization that provides for all of their professional needs, but one which also honors their personal values and respects their right to have different political opinions."
- Tracey Bailey - 1993 National Teacher of the Year

“I joined VPE for peace of mind.  In my 33 years of teaching experience, in three different counties, I have seen too many of my colleagues need representation.  It might be a call into ‘the office’ for an administrative, parent or student complaint, but that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach won't be so bad if the support and strength of VPE are with you. 
- Linda Werz, Hanover County Public Schools


Member Benefits include :

  • $2 Million Per Member Professional
    Educator Liability Insurance
  • Legal Assistance
  • Professional Help with Employment Issues
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Education Policy Updates
  • Scholarships and Grant Opportunities
  • A Voice on Teacher Issues

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Virginia Professional Educators is a non-profit professional association that offers teachers legal assistance and liability insurance, professional help, and many other member benefits. We are NOT a teachers union and do NOT make political contributions.