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VPE Professional Educators’
Liability Insurance Policy
provides a full $2,000,000 of coverage per member per incident for protection against lawsuits. Defense costs are paid in addition to this amount.

The policy also provides extensive coverage for “ employment rights” issues and other legal problems which might arise against you in the course of your professional duties and responsibilities.

For example, allegations against you as a result of your professional duties for civil rights violations or sexual misconduct are covered for $10,000 per incident, and may be covered for up to $35,000 if criminal charges are involved.

“Employment rights” issues include dismissal, salary, leave of absence, assignment, resignation, and many other professional rights, duties, and responsibilities. These issues are also covered for up to $10,000 per incident, if it is shown that your employment rights have been violated. Of this amount, $1,000 is available up-front for legal consultation and local representation by an attorney, in order to determine your best legal options.

Our insurance policy is provided by Scottsdale Insurance, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nationwide® Insurance Company. Both Nationwide and Scottsdale have earned an A.M. Best rating of A+XV (superior) and a Standard & Poor's rating of "A". This is the same insurance group that serves many of the largest non-union teacher associations in the country. For example, in Georgia the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) has over 70,000 members.


Here are some commonly asked questions about VPE's $2,000,000 per member Professional Educators Liability Insurance Policy:

Q1. What's covered under this policy?

A1. You are protected against a broad range of allegations and liabilities which could arise against you in the course of your professional responsibilities and duties. These include the following:

Note: All Areas (Coverages A-D) are included with professional membership.

Coverage A– Educators Professional Liability Insurance:
vpevpevpevpe$2 Million Coverage per Member per Incident

Coverage B – Attorney Fees for additional legal situations, including:

  • Defense Against Criminal Charges
  • Defense Against Job Action or Violation of Employment Rights
    (includes dismissal, tenure, salary, leave of absence, assignment, resignation, and other professional rights, duties, and responsibilities)
  • Defense of an Action Against Teaching Certificate
    (includes issuance, suspension, cancellation or revocation of teaching certificate )
  • Defense Against Allegations of a Civil Rights Violation
  • Defense Against Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

Coverage C – Bail Bonds

Coverage D – Assault-Related Personal Property Damage


Q2. Does the insurance company pay the attorneys? Or do I have to pay the attorney fees and then be reimbursed?

A2. Virginia Professional Educators pays your attorney fees, and then VPE is reimbursed by the insurance company. You should not have to pay any money from your own pocket for attorneys’ fees for any legal action covered by the policy, up to the limits of the insurance policy.

Q3. How can I get more information about the insurance policy?

A3. Click on the links below to review two fact sheets with more information about the insurance policy and program.


The documents below contain more details and key facts about VPE's $2,000,000 per Member Educators Liability Insurance Policy:

VPE Insurance Summary:
Coverage Areas &
Limits of Liability
(PDF – 68 Kb)

Insurance Comparison:
VPE’s policy compared
to the typical Teacher Union policy:
(PDF- 54 Kb)

If you still have questions or would like more information sent to you, then please call us at (888) 873-9661

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E-Mail us at:


Q4. How much does membership cost?

A4. Membership Categories and Fees are listed in the table below:

Professional Membership
(includes $2 million per member liability insurance)

$15 per month
or $180 per year

Substitute Teacher / Part-Time Educator
(includes $2 million per member liability insurance)
$7.50 per month
or $90 per year

Student Membership
(includes $2 million student teaching insurance)


Retired Educator
(includes newsletter and basic member benefits)


Associate Member
(includes newsletter and basic member benefits)


Typical union dues are about $45 to $50 per month. That adds up to about $500 per year. VPE gives you twice the coverage for about one-third the price!


VPE’s membership benefits can be invaluable - especially if you encounter legal, liability, or other job-related problems during the course of the school year. As you can see, you get much more coverage with VPE, at a much lower cost than teacher union dues! And you have the added peace of mind that none of your membership money is being spent on partisan politics or controversial social issues.

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If you are like most of our members, your decision to join VPE is based on three things: Security & Protection, Cost Savings, and Personal Values.

Here are some comments about this from a few of our teachers and leaders:

"When I began to look for liability insurance, that was what I wanted: insurance - not a political advocate for causes in which I did not necessarily believe. What I found in VPE was exactly what I wanted - an organization committed to teachers and the classroom, not an extraneous political agenda."
- Bill Rhatican, Instructor, Northern Virginia Community College
  Retired Teacher, Fairfax County Public Schools

“I joined VPE because I wanted liability protection with a company that had no political affiliation. I enjoy knowing that the money I pay is for insurance only. I went for years with no protection, because I thought I had no choice. There IS a choice. Hopefully, I'll never need this insurance, but if I do, I know VPE will be there for me. It was the right choice for me.”
- Jill S. Seal, Thomas Dale High School , Chesterfield County Public Schools

“VPE was the only choice for me because as a first-year teacher, I get TWO million dollars of protection for $180 per year! With the teachers union, it would have cost me over $500 per year for only ONE million in coverage!  I can't afford $500 per year!  Besides, I've learned the VPE representatives are very helpful and sincere.” 
- Cari W., HenricoCountyPublic Schools


Member Benefits include:

  • $2 Million Per Member Professional
    Educator Liability Insurance
  • Legal Assistance
  • Professional Help with Employment Issues
  • Professional Development Opportunities
  • Education Policy Updates
  • Scholarships and Grant Opportunities
  • A Voice on Teacher Issues

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